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Wedding Stress Perhaps?

October 7, 2010

A lot of people talk about the stress of planning a wedding and at this stage with over 9 months to go, thankfully, I don’t feel overly stressed yet.

However, it must be weighing on my mind as last night I had a horrid dream:

It was the morning of my wedding and I was standing in my bedroom in my parents house wearing a gown which didn’t in any way resemble my chosen one and I was panicking!  I looked in the mirror to discover that my hair was literally thrown on top of my head wildly with what can only be described as a bouquet of flowers attached to one side. My bridesmaids who also happen to be my sisters were in their own world so absolutely no help and if that wasn’t bad enough, in walks a third bridesmaid who I’d never seen before in my life! I then looked down at my nails to find them sporting chipped varnish that looked like it had been there for months so I asked a random girl who yet again I’d never seen before to apply some false nails but of course, she completely messed them up. My mother then appeared and I felt a huge sense of relief but like my sisters, she too had no interest and just brushed me off. At this point, I decided on put on my shoes and go downstairs in search of my father – I lifted the lid of the shoe box and found not two but three shoes inside, two of which were completely ripped apart.

I suddenly jolted awake to find my heart beating rather quickly in my chest and a sick feeling in my stomach. I checked the clock, it was 4.52am and I lay awake staring at the ceiling with my mind racing until my alarm went off several hours later.

All I can hope for is that this was not a premonition of some kind! So am I alone or is this quite common in the run up to the big day?


POLL: The Cost of Wedding Flowers?

October 6, 2010

This poll was inspired by last week’s episode of Don’t Tell The Bride where the groom spent almost the same amount of money on flowers for the wedding as he did on the brides original dress!

So what are your thoughts on flowers? Are they a waste of money or do you feel they are an essential to complete the day?

And of course, what about the cost?

Wedding Showcase at Clanard Court Hotel

October 1, 2010

Another event taking place this weekend is a wedding showcase at Clanard Court Hotel on Sunday, 3rd October.  See the press release below which I received from Weddings Online for further details:      

Wedding Showcase – Sunday 3rd October 2010      

Clanard Court Hotel are holding their Wedding Showcase on Sunday 3rd October 2010 from 5pm – 8pm


  • View the Clanard Court as it would be on the day of your wedding.
  • Take a tour or their amazing NEW Bridal suite
  • See how to create that WOW!! factor by use of cutting edge centrepieces, mood lighting and table decorations
  • Sample their array of food & wines.
  • Meet the management and sales team who will be on hand to personalise your All Inclusive package & guide you through all aspects of your Wedding Day.

Receive a €500 voucher against any new wedding booking and receive a complimentary voucher for an overnight stay on the night of your choice in November 2010.
Experience a high level of personal service first hand.    

The Clanard Court is set amid landscaped gardens and since opening four years ago has become one of Kildare’s leading wedding venues. Specialising in tailor made weddings the Clanard Court ensures your total satisfaction by catering for only one wedding per day. The Hotel has successfully fulfilled the Dreams of over 400 wedding couples in the last 4 years.   

We have facilities on site for civil ceremonies and blessings. Our Fitzgerald Suite is ideal for large ceremonies of up to 250 guests or our Duke of Leinster Suite is perfect for more intimate gatherings. Both rooms are dressed with chair covers and bows, floral arrangements and traditional red carpet at the entrance to the room. Although the law has only recently changed in relation to Civil Ceremonies out side of a Registry Office; at The Clanard Court Hotel we have years of experience in relation to on site blessings and other types of wedding ceremonies.”      

The Wedding Experience at Rochestown Park Hotel

September 30, 2010

An email from Occasions landed in my inbox this week about an event running this weekend in Rochestown Park Hotel, Cork which may be of interest to some of you Munster brides. Full details on the event can be found below or by contacting the hotel directly.

Don’t Tell The Bride

September 30, 2010

On Tuesday night, I was flicking through the channels when I came across Don’t Tell the Bride on RTE Two and thought it may make for interesting viewing.

Basically, the couple are given €10,000 with which the groom has to organise the wedding within 3 weeks. They sign a contract to say that they will not communicate at any point during this time meaning the bride is kept completely in the dark about the wedding and all decisions are left up to the groom!

Let’s just say, this programme would lead to the fastest divorce in history if H2b & I were to appear on it!

After a few hiccups on this week’s show, the bride and groom made it to the altar and I must say, I thought they both looked fantastic and really seemed to thoroughly enjoy the day!

So did anyone else see the show? If so, what did you think?

Is it something you’d like to take part in?

Would you trust your groom enough to let him make ALL of the decisions without your input?

Quotations Received

September 27, 2010

As I previously mentioned, we issued plans and Bills of Quantities (BOQ) to four different building contractors and I was surprised at how much we had to chase them to get their quotations. Perhaps naively, we assumed that in the current economic climate, such people would be biting the hands off us for an opportunity to tender but this was not the case. However, on the flip side, perhaps the fact that they were very much in demand was a sign that they were good at their trade.

While we waited for the quotes, we did some homework ourselves and got direct labour costings for the dead work, blocks, roof, plumbing, electrics, window & doors. We could then compare these with what the contractors were charging.

After about 5 or 6 weeks we had received all of the quotations and were a little shocked at the results. The difference in price from the cheapest contractor to the most expensive was enormous, more than €150,000 in fact!

Studying the relevant BOQ revealed that one of the contractors in particular must have picked the figures out of his head as there was no accounting for the amount he was charging – needless to say, we disregarded him rather quickly.

We then set about comparing the direct labour quotations we had received from individual tradesmen and/or companies with those provided by the building contractors. Again, we were quite shocked to discover a stark difference. Many people advised use to put the house out for tender as contractors had dropped their prices and competition was high. Yet, all of our direct quotes come in much lower than the equivalent from the building contractors.

One particular contractor sub contracts to the same roofer that we received a direct quote from however, the contractor was charging almost double what the tradesman himself had quoted us! This sealed the deal for us – direct labour it is!

My Week of Weddings

September 23, 2010

I have not just one but two weddings to attend this week – the first today and the second on Saturday so normal blogging service shall resume next week!

I want to wish C & J the best of luck with their big day today – C has promised to be no more than 5 minutes late so we’ll see what happens! Also all the best to M & A on Saturday – looking forward to a great weekend of celebrations!