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The Search For The One Begins…

October 13, 2010

I know a lot of ladies dream of their wedding dress from a very young age and have very definite ideas of what style they want. I however, was not one of those ladies, that is until one day, while flicking through a bridal magazine, I came across a full-page image of the most beautiful dress and knew it was THE ONE!

I took out my Blackberry, snapped a quick photo of it and immediately sent it to my sister, H (Chief Bridesmaid) saying “This is it”. She quickly responded through the magic that is Blackberry Messenger that while it was a fabulous dress, not to get too excited until I try it on – yes, she is the level-headed one! I knew she was right but I did get quite giddy and began to envisage myself in the amazing gown so I looked up the nearest stockist and as luck or I like to think fate would have it, one of the closest bridal shops to me were a stockist! I immediately phoned them to make an appointment and there happened to be a cancellation the following Saturday.

I decided to only take H to look at dresses initially as I didn’t want to be confused by too many “second” opinions and I could always count on her to be honest so we trotted off to the appointment bright and early Saturday morning. As soon as we came through the door of Esposa Bridal, there was an exact replica poster of the magazine image of the dress so I explained to the assistant, Barbara that I’d fallen in love with that particular dress but of course wanted to try on other also. Barbara explained a little about the store, the designers and the dresses themselves and we then set about selecting some to try on which Barbara placed on a rail outside the dressing room.

I tried on four dresses before finally, putting on the dress I’d fallen for and the minute it was laced up, I knew I loved it even more – I stepped out of the dressing room and up onto the podium as H gasped. Both Barbara and H agreed that it was the perfect style on me and by far, the nicest dress I’d tried thus far. I’ve heard many people say that once you try on THE dress, you’ll know it straightaway but I didn’t quite believe it until that moment when I saw my reflection in the mirror.

I tried on about ten more dress, each gown was beautiful but none compared to my first love. After trying it on for a second time, Barbara gave me the details of the dress and also as this was my first bridal visit, she advised me on other stores that would carry dresses which would suit my figure. I was very impressed by her service, manner and helpful nature and ensured her that I would be back.

I knew that I had to visit other bridal shops before making a final decision but at least now, I had a better idea what I wanted, what suited me and I also had something to compare other dresses to. I left the shop a very happy lady indeed!

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  1. October 13, 2010 10:47 am

    Wow Emz – this is so exciting!! You’re gonna be one of those brides who say ‘you know when you have found THE ONE’ 🙂

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