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Quotations Received

September 27, 2010

As I previously mentioned, we issued plans and Bills of Quantities (BOQ) to four different building contractors and I was surprised at how much we had to chase them to get their quotations. Perhaps naively, we assumed that in the current economic climate, such people would be biting the hands off us for an opportunity to tender but this was not the case. However, on the flip side, perhaps the fact that they were very much in demand was a sign that they were good at their trade.

While we waited for the quotes, we did some homework ourselves and got direct labour costings for the dead work, blocks, roof, plumbing, electrics, window & doors. We could then compare these with what the contractors were charging.

After about 5 or 6 weeks we had received all of the quotations and were a little shocked at the results. The difference in price from the cheapest contractor to the most expensive was enormous, more than €150,000 in fact!

Studying the relevant BOQ revealed that one of the contractors in particular must have picked the figures out of his head as there was no accounting for the amount he was charging – needless to say, we disregarded him rather quickly.

We then set about comparing the direct labour quotations we had received from individual tradesmen and/or companies with those provided by the building contractors. Again, we were quite shocked to discover a stark difference. Many people advised use to put the house out for tender as contractors had dropped their prices and competition was high. Yet, all of our direct quotes come in much lower than the equivalent from the building contractors.

One particular contractor sub contracts to the same roofer that we received a direct quote from however, the contractor was charging almost double what the tradesman himself had quoted us! This sealed the deal for us – direct labour it is!

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