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POLL: Wedding Planners & Co-Ordinators

September 2, 2010

As I was compiling my ever-growing “To Do” list for the wedding, I got to thinking about wedding planners and co-ordinators.

Professional wedding planners can take the stress out of arranging the big day and have a wealth of creative ideas at their fingertips.  A planner or co-ordinator can be beneficial to those who don’t have much time to arrange the finer details, those who are on a tight budget and need advise on how to best spend their money, for weddings abroad or simply for a couple who want a relax flow to their nuptials without having to rely on family and friends.

Personally, as you may have guessed from my love of lists, I quite enjoy the planning (well for the most part anyway) so hiring a professional to assist with my wedding would not be a consideration for me but I’d like to know what you think?

If you did have a planner, how did you find the experience?

Or were you very lucky and had a friend or family member who took over much of the planning?

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