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Put A Ring On It

August 4, 2010

We got back from holidays and kept our news to ourselves – it was now well into the Autumn and H2b thought it would be nice to announce our engagement at Christmas which made sense as it would take time to design the ring and have it made.

We went to a few jewellers and gemologists to see some diamonds and get an idea of what suited me and of course, what we could afford before I started to work on a design.

Firstly, I picked the stone which wasn’t huge by any means but had amazing credentials with regards to colour, cut, clarity etc but what sealed it for me, was the sparkle which could be seen from across a room! Then I chose platinum for the band and setting as it suited my skin tone best and I like to wear silver jewellery so it would go with everything I already had – see, I’m so practical me!

So I set about designing what I felt would suit me based on the rings I’d tried on – my finger is quite narrow so the setting needed to reflect this. In the end I went with a round, brilliant cut diamond in the centre with two French cut diamonds to the left of it and two more on the right and a short baguette at each end.

We paid the deposit and agreed to pick it up Christmas week so yet again, we sat back and waited which was the story of our lives at that stage!!

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